Are you ready to come alive?

  • Do you know there’s more, but can’t quite get there?

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Are you ready to find freedom?

  • Are you facing a crisis?

  • Do you want to transform your relationships?

  • Is it time to change?

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Restore Your Life and Relationships


Find Out You Are Not Alone


3-Day Deep-Dive To Get Unstuck

What makes our ReStory approach so different?

Our ReStory approach looks beyond symptoms and behaviors to your underlying core narratives. Many of our clients have logged hundreds of hours with other counselors who have never surfaced the stories which impact their present temptations or struggles. Our team is not satisfied with surface-level change because we believe God has so much more.

Is it time to engage your story?
NEW ReStory 101 Workshop Experience

You live here because you love the outdoors and live a busy lifestyle. And, at the same time, you have the desire to look at your story and grow. How can you do both?

Just for you, we’ve taken our ReStory 1.0 group and morphed it into a workshop. ReStory 101 Workshop provides you the same experience as the weekly group, yet is conveniently formatted for those who can’t commit to a two-month group but still want to engage their story. Are you ready?

Is It Time to Renew and Refresh Your Marriage?

You want to have a marriage relationship that is deeply connected, deeply passionate, and deeply purposed. Through the years, you have weathered the hills and valleys, and faced the challenges of life together with a fair amount of courage and hope. You even consider your relationship to be “pretty good.” And yet, perhaps you still find yourself asking, “Is there something more?”

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