What Do We Mean By ReStory?


What Makes Us Unique?

  • We are committed to our own growth. We only take others as far as we ourselves have gone. Together, we do our own work, and are attentive to our own stories while we work with our clients. We experience what we offer.

  • We are a team. We don’t just share office space. We work as a family.

  • We certify our team members. Everyone goes through our Restoration Institute.

  • We are a ministry-hearted business.

  • We are not about tips, techniques or behavior management. We believe there is a deeper root issue that needs healing.


What is the Story of the Restoration Logo?


Restoration Counseling was founded on the belief that God doesn't make mistakes. When he originally created and designed us, when he thought us up, he had wonderful and beautiful things in mind. Yet we were born into a broken world whose brokenness affects all of us at the deepest levels. He's not interested in trashing his creation, but instead restoring us all to his original design. He will make all things new...again. That is the core of Restoration .

When it comes to our hearts and lives, we are convinced that God's story is more true than the world's. Our logo is a cross-section of a tree...on the outside it's a grown-up tree with strength and struggle, and on the inside are the concentric rings of story...all the ages and seasons, all the ups and downs, all the glories and pains we have experienced, make up the fullness of what that tree is today. To re-story, we must first recognize where we have been in order to know where we are going. At Restoration Counseling, we're interested in restoring the heart on all levels.