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  • Do you want to transform your relationships?

  • Is it time to change?

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What makes our ReStory approach so different?

Our ReStory approach looks beyond symptoms and behaviors to your underlying core narratives. Many of our clients have logged hundreds of hours with other counselors who have never surfaced the stories which impact their present temptations or struggles. Our team is not satisfied with surface-level change because we believe God has so much more.

Is It Time to ReConnect and ReBoost Your Marriage?

You want to have a marriage relationship that is deeply connected, deeply passionate, and deeply purposed. You’ve gone through the first few seasons of married life together, and the thrills of the wedding and newness of the relationship still linger in the air (and in some very expensive wedding photos that now adorn your walls!). AND, you know this is a critical time to lay a solid foundation for your marriage for years to come.

Join us for the ReConnect Marriage Workshop specially designed for marriages younger than 5 years. Consider this an “extended date” with your spouse as you join us for a few hours on Friday evening and Saturday morning to explore and experience reconnection together. This is not a “tips and techniques” kind of experience. No, we will explore how your relationship (both the good and the hard) invites you deeper into one another’s stories, how to partner with God in each other’s healing, and how to set the stage for a lifetime of loyalty and love.

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