Individual Counseling for Men, Women and Adolescents

Stepping into counseling does not mean you have problems or struggles. The fact is that everyone on earth is broken and hurting. Coming to counseling instead is an indicator of your bravery and commitment to GET YOUR LIFE BACK. 

We offer individual counseling for men, women and adolescents. It is our great honor to journey with you into the sacred landscape of your heart. We will not lie...this is hard work, and sitting together with another person can be scary, intense and awkward. The fact is, however, the bravest people on the planet are the ones who determine to live the life God intended, and will do whatever it takes to find freedom.

Marriage, Relationship and Family Counseling

We were designed for deep intimacy and connection with others. The greatest joys are found in when two lives intertwine to become one. At the same time, the greatest pains are found in the challenges and difficulties of relationship.

Whether you are just beginning your marital journey or have been married for decades, marriage counseling can unlock areas of your relationship that have remained unknown and unexplored. 

Additionally, we offer counseling with regard to any difficult relationship - parents, children, in-laws, co-workers, friends...the list goes on. Navigating the rough seas of relationships can be challenging, and everyone needs help now and then.

Re-Story Group Counseling and Workshops

Restoration Counseling is pleased to offer a variety of unique groups focused on personal growth and transformation in the context of interpersonal relationships. With a keen eye to story, our team of highly skilled therapists help group members take a deep dive into the dynamics of their lives and hearts to discover hope and healing.

In addition, our team often offers community or church-based workshops. These include a variety of topics, include marriage, parenting, men's and women's, pornography recovery, and much more. For more information about our workshops, connect with us on Facebook to get up-to-date announcements.  

Re-Story Intensives




Live into your story...intensely.

Based on a growing demand for a condensed and focused time of counseling, we now offer Restoration Intensives. Many people want to work on their lives, hearts and stories but have little time to meet weekly with a counselor for traditional therapy. Additionally, many people hear about Restoration Counseling, but do not live in close enough proximity to our offices to make regular visits possible. As a result, we have created a 3-day, 15-hour counseling intensive to serve the needs of all who long to love their story and live restored.

We offer a limited number of Re-Story Intensives each year.