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Far too many men live their lives in quiet desperation…They have attempted to address their unwanted sexual behaviors, but have found it nearly impossible to break through and change. Books, processes, accountability groups, and even penance have not provided what men truly need - transformation.

Tribe of Men: Unwanted is a 10-week virtual men’s therapy group with participants from around the country who want freedom from their unwanted sexual behaviors, such as pornography. Most of the time, the recovery world focuses solely on behavior and “lust management.” But there is far more going on, and we know it. Using the newly released book by our friend Jay Stringer called “Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing” as a backdrop for this group, we will explore how our own past stories of brokenness inform our current struggles.

Far more than a “book group,” participants will have weekly assignments, and be asked to engage and write stories of brokenness from their lives, receiving personalized feedback and exploration by Chris Bruno, the group facilitator, and then be invited to share their stories with the others in the group. Together we will discover new ways of seeing the shaping narratives of our lives, and how unwanted sexual behaviors have become the soul-medication our hearts needed. Then, we will ReStory those narratives, and discover newness and freedom never before known.

This is Restoration Counseling’s first online group, and is designed for men who know they want to break free, but have little space, time or resources. With Restoration’s increasing national reach, it also provides an opportunity for men around the country to participate in a Restoration Group without having to be physically in the office in Fort Collins, CO. The group will utilize a HIPAA-compliant online platform (provided by Restoration Counseling), and participants are required to find private, confidential, and safe spaces to meet during the group sessions.

Participants will need to purchase their own copy of Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing.

10 Weekly VIRTUAL Group Sessions
Tuesdays, January 8 - March 12, 2019
7 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. MST
(designed for the Tuesdays before work)
Limited to 8 Participants 

Due to the nature of this group, it is designed for men only. 

Register Now for Tribe of Men: Unwanted VIRTUAL Group

Tribe of Men: Unwanted

10 Weekly VIRTUAL Group Sessions
Tuesdays, January 8 - March 12, 2019
7-8:30 a.m. MST (morning group)

This group is VIRTUAL, and will utilize
a HIPAA-compliant online platform.

Register Now for Tribe of Men: Unwanted VIRTUAL Group

Tribe of Men: Unwanted is a VIRTUAL group for men who long to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors, and recognize that the way “recovery” has been handled thus far is anemic at best and destructive at worst. This is our first online group, allowing men to participate regardless of location.

Limited to 8 men

Group Sessions are $50/session, with payment due in full upon registration. Total cost: $500

Due to the nature of the group, it is important that group members commit to attend all sessions. While we understand life and family emergencies may interfere, your consistency and presence is important for the continuity of the group and to offer dignity and honor to group members. Please review your calendar prior to registration. Thank you!

Tribe of Men is designed as a therapy group, and while elements may be similar to a support group, small group, or church group, aspects of a participant's journey will be more deeply explored.

The overwhelmingly standard evangelical response to sexual brokenness has been to address it from the lens of “lust management,” even declaring war against it. This approach has oversimplified and trivialized a far more complex issue within human sexuality. Efforts to eliminate lust will set us up to manage our sexual lives with a tourniquet. We spend the best years of our lives attempting to stop the flow of lust through darting our eyes from beautiful people, slapping rubber bands around our wrists when we have sexual thoughts, and asking accountability partners, in an attempt to stay vulnerable in community, to keep account of what erotic websites we’ve visited. I think we can all agree this cannot be what God had in mind for sex and community.”
— Jay Stringer, Unwanted

Meet The Tribe of Men: Unwanted Group Facilitator


Chris Bruno, LPC

There is nothing more exciting to me than the intersection of transformation and adventure. This is why I founded Restoration Counseling - a place where we daily engage the power of restoration and epic re-storying. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I specialize in men and masculinity, sexual addiction, trauma and abuse. My experience as a men’s therapist and my work with men at Restoration Project provide me a wealth of experience when navigating the landscape of a man’s heart.

As I work with clients, my focus is on discovering and “reading” the narrative of their lives and guiding them toward the transformation that comes through adventurously and honestly engaging our sorrows AND our glories. This, to me, is what I was created for.

Register Now for Tribe of Men: Unwanted VIRTUAL Group