Specialities Include:

Spiritual Direction, Sexual Abuse, Relationships and Marriage, Ministry, Women, Trauma, Story-work

Session Rates:
$85/50-minute Individual Session
$127.50/80-minute Marriage Session


Tracy Johnson

spiritual counselor

My deep love for sitting with others in their stories is rooted in gratitude for my own healing. Late in my thirties I found myself having a faith crisis. Untold stories from my life were surfacing, and I did not know how those stories fit in the neat Christian life I was living, nor was there anyone to ask the questions I needed to process those stories. As I slowly began experiencing the curiosity, compassion and care of kind counselors, I began understanding myself more deeply and found a clearer sense of purpose for my life. Through that journey, I found room inside myself to hold what had happened to me without being driven by it. I found new places of belonging with Jesus and shalom in the world around me.

I believe shalom is the place where every story belongs.  Shalom is not peace in the absence of pain or chaos; shalom is where opposites can exist together and bring wholeness. Re-storying is about finding peace by learning to hold the “opposites” of our stories. This is the work I am passionate about doing.

I sit with men and women in order to encourage exploration of their untold stories. Together, we examine where they find themselves in their relationships with God, themselves and others. I specialize in engaging stories of trauma and abuse, sexuality, sexual abuse, marriage issues and pregnancy loss.


My Credentials

Certificate of Completion from the Allender Center at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, - Seattle, WA
17 years sexual abuse recovery small group leader
10 years sexual abuse recovery small group trainer
10 years sexual abuse recovery small group supervisor
10 years experience writing abuse recovery curriculum and training materials
2 years Executive Director international sexual abuse recovery ministry
18 years young adult ministry
20 years Spiritual Direction and Mentoring
Founder Red Tent Living Magazine