Terry Bohn, LPC, LMHC, ACSC

Curiosity. honesty. courage.

Exploration has been a central theme in my life, and each adventure has an interesting story. Some of my stories are from my former occupation, where I spent two decades collaborating with hundreds of clients and leading organizational change.

Unexpected change – no matter what kind – can often feel unfair, overwhelming and sometimes insurmountable, particularly when we’re alone. My experience has shown me it's far healthier to navigate uncomfortable change with a trained, seasoned professional, one who is skilled at handling life transitions of all kinds.,

Session Rates:
$115/50-minute Individual Session
$170/80-minute Marriage Session

Specialties Include:

Relationships, Sexuality, Infidelity
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma,
Abuse, Leadership, Vocation


My Approach

I have the honor to serve two kinds of clients: those in unexpected crisis, and those seeking marked improvement in their quality of life: personally, relationally, professionally and spiritually. Your desire to know, share and reimagine some of your life’s key stories – by exploring your most significant relationships and experiences – are essential to a meaningful life. The decision to reflect upon your life through counseling rarely comes quickly or easily, and may remain a persistent whisper until it’s acknowledged as an invitation to rewrite those stories. Many clients say personal counseling was the single most important investment they have ever made.

My work as a therapist with adults, couples and groups continues to be the most fulfilling I’ve ever chosen. I practice relationally-oriented, integrative counseling/psychotherapy. I believe that all of the work we do is co-created; how you and I relate informs our time together. Many people who find happiness or success in one area of life at the same time frequently feel stuck, frustrated or alone in other areas. Many of those people struggled either on their own or in relationship, sometimes for years, before choosing to work with a counselor. Frequently we are hurt, traumatized and abused in unsafe or toxic relationships; it is my hope that life is restored through healthy relationships, counseling, support groups, fellowship, mentoring, spiritual exploration and a faith in a higher power, whom I call God. I practice with a desire for integration: how your past and present relationships have already and will continue to influence your hope and ability to live more fully. Our best work together is meant to call forth grace, truth and full healing in the areas of your deepest fears, struggles and heartaches.

My Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor (State of Colorado - LPC #14192, 2017 - )
Clinical Supervisor / Approved Clinical Supervisor Candidate, CCE (ACS - exp. Dec. 2018)
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (State of Washington - LMHC #LH60794112, 2017 - )
Registered Psychotherapist (State of Colorado, 2015 – 2017)
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (State of Washington, 2013 - 2015)
Psychotherapist - Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program, The Raleigh House of Hope (2015 - 2016)
Psychotherapist - Catalyst Intensive Outpatient Day Program, Meier Clinics (Seattle/Bothell, 2012 - 2014)
M.A. in Counseling Psychology, The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, (2013)
B.S. in Economics, Missouri State University (1991)
25+ years of collaborative leadership in professional, spiritual and interpersonal settings

Big Picture

Some of the key stories from my life are highlighted by a secondary account with 9/11, starting my own business, following a winding path back to faith, and co-leading a life group for three years. It was in that season of life that I welcomed one of the hardest changes of all: at 42, I left the corporate world, moved from NC to WA for graduate school, and gained valuable clinical experience. After a two-decade absence, I happily returned to Colorado in 2014 – a redemptive story within my larger life story of full-time travels and multiple relocations. It would be an understatement to say that I have encountered many of life’s challenges, detours, setbacks and disappointments; I have always believed that my own narrative – the stories that comprised my life – were worth exploring, sharing and rewriting.

Following 9/11 and two decades in the business world, I co-led a lifegroup with eighteen adults over weekly dinner and conversation. The most gratifying of our two years together was the regular sharing of personal narratives – the interconnected stories that reflected who we were in community. Many of us realized newfound allies and adventures that were shared, celebrated and honored as central to our lives. In 2013, I completed my M.A. in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School, founded by Dr. Dan Allender, a leading Christian psychologist, author and speaker on recovery from trauma and abuse. I was fortunate enough to have studied under and worked for Dr. Allender for three years. When I’m not engaging other’s stories, I enjoy hiking, camping, snowshoeing, day trips, road cycling, potluck dinners, photography and roasting my own coffee.