Specialities Include:

Addictions, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Spiritual Issues

Session Rates:
$115/50-minute Individual Session
$172/80-minute Marriage Session


Sam Alvis

Professional counselor

“All means all.”

This theme guides both my personal narrative and the lens through which I view the therapeutic process. My therapeutic approach is an eclectic combination of somatic experiencing, attachment, narrative, and systemic theories. Human beings are a beautifully complex combination of emotions, thoughts, sensations and experiences. My belief is that all of these elements together create your current experience of whatever it is that brings you into the counseling office, and that to neglect one for the other would be doing a disservice to your story and to who and how God designed you to be.

My approach is that because of the Fall, we live in a world where each one of us experiences brokenness apart from, through, and in relationships. And yet, it is through this very same relational means that healing occurs. I seek to create a space of safety, trust, and deep respect that flows out of the very same safety, trust, and respect that I myself have experienced and been given. As a fellow human being in the process of redemption, I am privileged to walk alongside you as we seek to explore ALL of who you are, have been, and will one day be. Together we will look to the hope that exists in healing, while also honoring the true pain and injustice that you have experienced.


My Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate,  State of Colorado

National Certified Counselor, National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc.

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Denver Seminary 

B.S.W In Social Work, Indiana University 

Y12SR Facilitator (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery)

Who am I? What is My Narrative?

I have always been deeply attuned to the feelings, needs, and experiences of others. From a young age, I tapped into the way God wired me to feel on behalf of “the other” and found myself in environments of service and giving - from more formal structures of service through missions trips, jobs in the field of social work, and volunteering - to the messier and informal spaces of service in human relationships, through my family and friends. It was only through a several year period of various crises within my family, my relationships, and within my own soul that I was broken down in a way that only served to build me back up into a more resilient, interdependent, and beautiful version of who God designed me to be. I realized that I am no different than “the other” and that I am in need of the same love, grace, and space that I seek to provide to others. It is through owning my own needs and pain that God has enabled me to serve as a vessel of healing for the needs and pain of the people I serve.

Over the years, I have developed a wide array of experiences through my time in a refugee agency, a community mental health organization, yoga studios, and school-based counseling settings. These encounters showed me the complex nature of the human experience of both pain and healing. My time in graduate school at Denver Seminary showed me that I can only take my clients as far as I myself have gone, and cultivated within me a call to engage in the ongoing restoration of my own soul in order for me to serve my clients well.

Outside of my vocation as a counselor, I can be found getting lost in long conversations, drinking coffee out of one of the mugs in my large collection, exploring the beauty of Colorado, and re-learning how to “play” and enjoy the sweetness of life with my husband, family, and community.