ReStory 101 Workshop Spring 2019!

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We hear you Northern Colorado!

You live here because you love the outdoors and live a busy lifestyle. And, at the same time, you have the desire to look at your story and grow. How can you do both?

Just for you, we’ve taken our ReStory 1.0 group and morphed it into a workshop. ReStory 101 Workshop provides you the same experience as the weekly group, yet is conveniently formatted for those who can’t commit to a two-month group but still want to engage their story. Are you ready?

This workshop is co-ed, as we recognize the dynamics of gender in the process of healing and the importance of engaging our stories in the context of the greater community. It is limited to 10 participants, 5 women and 5 men.

Workshop Schedule

Thursday, April 25, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Friday, April 26, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Saturday, April 27, 9:00 - 4:00 pm

You are a story. You are meant to reveal God. You were meant to co-author your story with God. Your life is meant to be revelatory.
— Dr. Dan Allender

ReStory 101 Workshop
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Workshop Dates and Times:

Thursday, April 25 - 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Friday, April 26 - 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Saturday, April 27 - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

ReStory 101 is the first step in the group process, where participants find a safe, kind and hope-filled space to explore the dynamics of their lives and name the challenges they have faced.

Limited to 10 participants (5 women and 5 men)

The three day workshop is an intentional concentration of a 9-week group. Strategically scheduled for Thursday and Friday evenings, and all day Saturday, you’ll get the same experience in a concentrated format.

Non-refundable payment is due in full upon registration.
Total cost: $495

Due to the nature of the group, it is important that group members commit to participate in all sessions. While we understand life and family emergencies may interfere, your consistency and presence is important for the continuity of the group and to offer dignity and honor to group members. Please review your calendar prior to registration. Thank you!

Additionally, some insurance companies that offer mental health services may cover some of the cost. Contact your insurance provider for coverage/reimbursement.

Workshop Includes:

  • Large group (all participants) teaching and interactive sessions, co-led by Lindy Pearson and Terry Bohn, LPC

  • Small group breakout sessions for story engagement - with the women led by Lindy, and men led by Terry

  • Personalized engagement with each individual’s story during workshop (if submitted no later than April 18th)

Meet the ReStory 101 Workshop Facilitators

Lindy Pearson, LMHCA, RP

Lindy joined the Restoration Counseling team after having moved from Seattle. She graduated with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and holds B.A. in Psychology. Prior to moving to Colorado, Lindy spent the past 7 ½ years working with groups and individuals at Seattle Pacific University in the Office of University Ministries and the Student Counseling Center.

Her love of merging theology and psychology brings a unique perspective as she has engaged and invites others into knowing their deeper identity. In addition to her work in higher education, Lindy has worked in hospice with end of life and bereavement. She welcomes curiosity and questions among the complex issues of being and becoming.

Having moved back and forth between the Pacific Northwest and Colorado (five moves between the two), she is convinced that heaven is a combination of the people and places of both places. She is grateful to be back in the land of sunshine with fellow Coloradans where the mountains are mighty and the sky is wide open.

For Lindy, Spring is a season of that invites us to new intention and awaiting new life, the perfect time to re-story. When she is not in the office you might see her at a local nursery dreaming of future landscapes, planting bulbs  in her garden, frolicking with her family through parks or sipping some fresh brewed jasmine green tea.

Terry Bohn, ACS, LPC, LMHC

Terry eagerly returned to Colorado and joined the Restoration team in 2016, after graduating from and working for Dr. Dan Allender at The Seattle School. He transitioned from a successful corporate career in change leadership, management consulting and small business ownership spanning two decades. Terry’s own life story is a narrative of ongoing curiosity, exploration, and an adventure-filled ‘second act’.

For three years, he co-led a community group of eighteen adults over weekly dinner and intentional conversation. The most gratifying of their time together was the in-depth sharing of their life narratives. Since 1992, his life/work experiences include licensed counseling, advance group training and facilitation, team development and several diverse small groups. Terry is passionate about hiking, camping, snowshoeing, road cycling, potluck dinners, game nights, photography and roasting his own coffee.

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What does participating in a
ReStory 101 Workshop entail?


Workshop members will be guided to write a specific narrative from their lives - a shaping event or hinge-moment that has come to have meaning and/or power in their lives. This story will first be entered by the facilitators, who will offer individual insight and feedback. Then, workshop members will each have the opportunity to read and engage their stories in the larger group.

Participants will submit their narrative to the facilitators prior to the start of the group. The pre-work for this group is due by April 18.



Additional reading and/or videos to prepare for the workshop will be assigned prior to the first evening so group members can come prepared to participate. Facilitators will lead a discussion into further insight and understanding of the dynamics of story and its impacts on our everyday lives and views of God, ourselves and the world.



Many people ask, "I'm already in a Bible study or small group. How is a ReStory Workshop different?" These groups very intentionally enter into your individual story as our primary text. With the help of expertly trained facilitators, we begin to investigate the core war for each participant, name the truth of the story, and begin to re-interpret the narrative from a gospel perspective. We fully recommend participants have a community, and yet very few enter one another's narratives with kindness, curiosity and hope.

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