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Restoration Groups are founded on the belief that we are best known, seen and understood -- and our stories are best read -- in the presence of others. We believe that what was once broken in relationship is healed in relationship.

Have you ever wondered, "why am I like this?" or "why does this keep happening to me?" or "why am I always stuck?" Our groups invite you to a community of people who explore their stories together, and in the process find new insights, deeper relationships and personal healing.

They are a safe environment where you will be guided by Northern Colorado's experts in story-work.


For Women

Whole Body is for women seeking health and wholeness in deep and integrated ways. We will sift through the uncovered spaces where culture, story, and image intersect with health, weight, and body. By doing this deep work, we invite women to slow down, look back, and re-story what it means to be wholly well.

Healing the Wounded Heart creates a safe space to share and explore your stories of abuse and grow in deeper understanding of how your story continues to surface in your relationships today. It is the second in a series for women seeking healing from childhood sexual abuse (though the first group is not a prerequisite).

For Men

We all have a story. Sometimes it either appears dull and unimpressive, or it's too far in the past to warrant any further examination. But when we curiously and courageously open our story, we discover our lives reveal not only who we are, but who God is. This men’s group is for those who want to start their journey into their stories.

Far too many men live their lives in quiet desperation…Books, processes, and accountability groups have not provided what men truly need - transformation.Tribe of Men: Unwanted is a 10-week virtual men’s group with participants from around the country who want freedom from their unwanted sexual behaviors.

Here are a few of our regular Restoration Group Offerings

Wounded Heart.jpg

wounded heart & healing the wounded heart

Wounded Heart and Healing the Wounded Heart Groups offer an honest and hope-filled journey into the debris and devastation of childhood sexual abuse. Our goal is provide a safe, kind and honoring space for women to know they are not alone in their struggles and that it is indeed possible to re-story our lives even from the most desolate of places. Professionally led by Dr. Dan Allender-trained guides (author of the books by these titles), you will experience hope and kindness that will be like rain on dry ground.


restory 1.0 and restory 2.0

ReStory 1.0 the first step in our unique group process, where participants find a safe, kind and hope-filled space to explore the dynamics of their lives and name the challenges they have faced.

ReStory 2.0 is designed for those who have previously participated in a ReStory group at Restoration Counseling, and long to take the next step in the healing of their stories.



Tribe of Men

Something in the hearts of men knows we need other men, and yet far too often we find ourselves journeying through this life in quiet desperation and alone. When it comes to true masculine community, we have lost our way.

Men together often default into competition, measuring each other up, comparison and shame. The questions, "Do I have what it takes?" and "Do I fit in?" plague the hearts of men and disqualify them from participation in friendship and community. Loneliness has more impact on men's health and happiness than anything else on earth.


circle of women

Our world is filled with messages about who women are and who we ought to be. With all of these external filters, it becomes increasingly hard to listen to our inner voice. As women created in the image of God, our individual silence or hiding impacts the greater collective.

Through reading, prompts, conversation, prayer and meditation we will journey together. Our intention is to be open to listen - to ourselves, one another, and God.