Is It Time to ReConnect and ReBoost Your Marriage?

You want to have a marriage relationship that is deeply connected, deeply passionate, and deeply purposed. You’ve gone through the first few seasons of married life together, and the thrills of the wedding and newness of the relationship still linger in the air (and in some very expensive wedding photos that now adorn your walls!). AND, you know this is a critical time to lay a solid foundation for your marriage for years to come.

Join us for the ReConnect Marriage Workshop specially designed for marriages younger than 5 years. Consider this an “extended date” with your spouse as you join us for a few hours on Friday evening and Saturday morning to explore and experience reconnection together. This is not a “tips and techniques” kind of experience. No, we will explore how your relationship (both the good and the hard) invites you deeper into one another’s stories, how to partner with God in each other’s healing, and how to set the stage for a lifetime of loyalty and love.

We’ve designed the ReConnect Marriage Workshop with busy, working couples in mind. Friday evening, join us for a special 2-hour date with wine and dessert and an entrance into the landscape in which many newly married couples find themselves. Then, on Saturday morning, along with some bagels and coffee, we will further explore God’s invitation to seek wholeness and healing with and for each other in the context of thriving and loving relationships.

Led by Blake Engelman, Licensed Professional Counselor and Chris Bruno, Founder and CEO of Restoration Counseling and Restoration Project, this experience will help you stop, breathe, and focus on one another. We will have large group teaching and couple-based experiences to provide you the basis for a solid relationship for years to come.

Friday, September 20— 7-9 p.m.
Saturday, September 21— 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Fort Collins, CO


Strengthen your compassion and empathy for one another

Learn how to establish compassionate connections together…the kind you’ve always wanted.

improve your communication patterns and move toward health

Discover God's design for your marriage in new ways as you come to understand each other's story better.

deepen your connection and intimacy with one another

Get the benefit of time, space and intentionality to dive deeper into connection with one another.

ReConnect Marriage Workshop.png

The ReConnect Marriage Workshop is specially designed for couples married 5 years or less. Take the time now to attend to your relationship, and build a strong foundation for years to come.

Total Cost Per Couple:

Friday, September 20 - 7-9 p.m.
Saturday, September 21 - 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

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Cost includes Friday evening “Date-Nite” with wine and dessert, Saturday morning lite breakfast, 6 hours of teaching, and space to process alone in your couple. No small groups…just you and your spouse!

ReConnect Workshop Facilitators

Blake Engelman, LPC

Marriage and Relationship Expert and
Counselor for Marriages and Individuals

Chris Bruno, LPC

Founder and CEO of Restoration Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor and CEO of Restoration Project

You Will Leave With:

  • Awareness of the deeper categories of God’s design for marriage

  • Renewed direction and hope for the journey ahead

  • A vision for your marriage that goes beyond auto-pilot and survival

  • An invitation to story-work for yourselves and your marriage

  • Practical tools for building and maintaining intimate connection

  • An investment in your future together you will never forget

  • Insight and understanding you’ve always longed for

Space to Process Together and Connect
Time Alone Together to Play and Pursue
Large Group, Small Group and Individualized Marriage Coaching

Experience Includes:

  • Welcome Wine and Dessert “Date Nite” on Friday evening

  • Large group teaching and discussion

  • Couple-based reflections and guided conversations to take you deeper into each other’s hearts and stories

  • No forced small groups…this is a couple-based experience only

  • An invitation to work on the important things in your relationship now before they become urgent later!

Experience Location:
Council Tree Covenant Church in Fort Collins, CO

Couples are responsible to provide their own accommodations, air/ground transport and meals. There are ample hotels and restaurants in the area, and out-of-state air travel is best through Austin International Airport.


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