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How long are counseling sessions and what is the cost?

Individual Marriage Group
50-minutes 80-minutes 80-minutes
Individual Marriage Group
$75-145 $150-$215 $30-$50

We accept all forms of payment, including credit/debit, check and cash. Payment is due at the time of the session. If you prefer to pay via credit/debit card, we can keep it securely on file for your convenience.

See individual therapists for specific rate information.

What forms do I need?

Click on your therapist's name below to download their intake paperwork. We suggest filling this out before your first session and bringing it with you in order to maximize the time you have together. Your therapist will review the paperwork with you and answer any questions you have. 

Can I use my insurance?

As a service to our clients, Restoration Counseling has the ability to electronically submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf. Payment is due in full from you at the time of service, though you may receive a reimbursement check from your insurance company according to your coverage, co-pay, and deductible. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider about coverage. We are out-of-network for all companies. Here's why:

By submitting mental health claims to insurance (as with any claim from any provider), you also recognize that the diagnosis becomes part of your medical record, and may affect insurance coverage in the future. Given the sensitive nature of some diagnoses, some clients choose not to submit.

You must also recognize that insurance companies may place limits on their mental health coverage (i.e. the number of sessions allowed, or the type of counseling received). Restoration Counseling will not be influenced by an insurance company‚Äôs opinion as to the best course of treatment for you. We work individually with our clients to insure the best possible treatment. As a result, we do not work directly with insurance companies.

We also recognize that insurance reimbursements can be a determining factor with regard to the financial ability to seek treatment, and we are therefore willing to submit claims to ease the process.

Insurance companies may provide coverage for Mental Health Services. To determine this, you must contact your insurance company directly, and ask them if they cover an out-of-network counselor who is Masters level trained (MA) and/or a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Colorado. 

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) can also be used to cover counseling services. Simply provide this card information to your therapist, and we will charge the account whenever you see a therapist.

I've never been to counseling before. What can I expect?

First off...you are a bold and courageous soul. We commend you for stepping out and reclaiming your life. Well done!

Our goal is to make this process as comfortable and straight-forward as possible. This is hard and good work, and we know it can be challenging on many fronts. Therefore, we've created an office environment that is private, safe, comfortable and fun.

When you arrive for your appointment, simply come in and have a seat in the lobby. Make yourself comfortable with a coffee, tea or water at our Restoration Roast coffee station. Depending on the day, you may be the only one there, or there may be a bustle of activity. Just come on in, and your counselor will be out to get you at your appointment time.

Each therapist is different, but generally you can expect the first session or two to be an initial exploration into the concerns that bring you to counseling. While it is necessary for some initial paperwork to be completed, we are committed to engaging you as a person, and therefore we try to make the paperwork process as painless as possible. 

Depending on you and your story, the therapist will begin to formulate with you a plan. For most clients, this means creating a weekly rhythm of appointments, allowing for some regularity and traction in the healing process. We also consider your availability and the financial investment, so the therapist will work with you to find a suitable plan to both accomplish your goals and make it sustainable.

As each individual or couple is unique, there is no program or cookie-cutter approach. We work with some clients for 3-5 weeks, and others for several years. It is a good reference point, however, to know that research indicates that trauma-related issues (betrayal, abuse, infidelity, depression, etc) take roughly 24 sessions to come to a place of resolution.

Is counseling confidential? 

100%. We take your right to privacy very seriously. It is this ironclad commitment to confidentiality that allows for this to be a safe and effective space for you to explore your pains and struggles. We are HIPAA regulated, and will protect you, your heart, and your identity.

There are only a few situations where we are allowed (actually mandated by law) to break confidentiality: if there is any indication of harm to yourself (suicidality) or harm to another (homicidality), or an indication of abuse to a minor or elder. And finally, we must surrender records if we receive a court order. Otherwise, Fort Knox.

As all of our therapists seek to provide the highest quality of care for our clients, we often consult with one another to seek insight, wisdom, and resources. Never is any identifying information shared, even amongst our own team.