Mike Ensley

Rediscovering Joy in Trust, Uncertainty, and Adventure

My name is Mike and I am counseling as an Intern as part of the Master's program through Colorado Christian University.

Before finally settling on a degree in counseling, I spent several years working all over the country helping youth and young adult ministries, college campuses, and pastors tackle tough issues.

These experiences have taught me the importance of each person's story, and the power of walking through them together in authentic relationship. I look forward to sharing the journey with you! 

More About Mike

Call (970) 672-7974 to make an appointment

My Credentials

B.S. in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida


My Approach to Counseling

There's a you deep inside your heart, beneath the roles you must play and the obligations you must fulfill, who rarely gets to be seen. My goal is that our time together will be a safe and welcoming environment where your secret self can begin to venture out, be seen, and begin flourishing. We'll set off on this journey by exploring your personal story together, unpacking the themes and lessons (both true and untrue) that you've learned. In a relationship free of judgment or expectation, I'll join you in celebrating the authentic person God created you to be.


Who Am I? What's My Narrative?

My search for God's purpose for me has taken me to a lot of strange and unexpected places, from being a small-town pastor's kid to working in Christian ministry all over the country. Before pursuing my education in counseling, I worked with ministries from coast to coast struggling to find a redemptive, biblical approach to addressing sexual identity issues. That work allowed me to see the impact of competing cultures on the intimate stories being lived out by people all over America--and to experience the weight of it myself.

Through this journey I've grown to value honesty, intimacy, and the search for genuine understanding. Into the counseling office I bring a desire to listen and be fully present with you.