Specialities Include:

Young women, Purpose/Identity,
Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Enneagram

Session Rates:
$85/50-minute Individual Session

Lisa Russell

Spiritual counselor

I can’t think of a higher honor than coming alongside someone and bearing witness to their story.  It takes an incredible amount of courage to enter into a space and walk through the dark parts of our souls.  We all need a truly empathetic person to walk those dark tunnels with and hope that they have a flashlight of truth to shine and diminish the lies that can easily overtake us.  

I believe that once we start becoming aware of where we’ve been and the impact it’s had,  the more light shines on the dark themes of our life.  This naturally fosters a deeper connection to oneself, to others and to God.  When this connection takes place, a full circle of Redemption occurs bringing beauty from the ashes.  

Death to Life.


My Approach

“Storywork” is at the core of my approach to the human heart. Storywork is a means by which we discover the themes that have played out, and are continuing to play out, in our life.  It also helps surface the agreements and vows we have made in our past and how that shapes our style of relating with others,  with yourself and with God.  With this, it’s our rearview lens, present day lens and bigger picture lens that shapes our perspective on what we see.  I want to see you come alive again by joining with you to remember your glory, bring awareness to the filter in which you see your circumstances today and usher in a clear focus for the future.  In sessions, we will venture into the sacred parts of your story together while addressing your current circumstances.  Ultimately, I want you to feel cared for at your core, challenged to more and hopeful for your future.  

My Credentials

Certificate of Completion from the Allender Center at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
B.A. in Communication Arts and Biblical Studies - North Park University
Certified Foster Parent for Larimer County
Certified in LIFE SKILLS prevention program
Pregnancy Center Counseling Certificate– Care Net
Certified in W.A.I.T. Training- Abstinence Education

Who Am I? What Is My Narrative?

I am Colorado born and raised and these mountains and rivers run through my soul.  I come alive when I am playing in the midst of the Rockies or in the water.  However, I spent 6 years in Chicago, and fell in love with diversity and good pizza.  I have a deep longing for social justice - bringing hope by being the hands and feet of Jesus to the “widow and the orphan.”  My favorite times usually involve authentic conversation around the table with good friends, good food and a really good drink.  I am a Mama Bear to 2 boys and I have been a Foster Mama to several more amazing children.  More importantly, I am a lover of Jesus and worshipping him lavishly.  It is overflow for me to lead people into the Throne Room of God through song where they can receive healing in his presence and bring Glory to His Holy Name.