Specialities Include:

Relationships, Marriage, Women’s identity, Sexuality, Body Image, Bereavement, Grief, Loss, Illness, Infertility, Transitions and Life Cycles (pregnancy, postpartum, end of life, etc.), Sexual Addiction, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Spiritual Issues, Guilt, Shame, Isolation, Codependency

Lindy Pearson, MA, RP

professional COUNSELOR

Welcome. I’m glad you are here. Whether it be your first or twenty-fifth time engaging therapy, there is always risk in saying, “I know there something more”. So you find yourself, here. Bless that longing. I believe that in taking a risk to engage in therapy we create space for restoration and healing to occur.

Often in life we find ourselves on a different trajectory than we imagined. Instead of the life we envisioned we can find ourselves stuck in a place of desperation, enveloped in various states such as depression, anxiety, anger, grief, desire for control, guilt and/or feelings of isolation. Those are the parts of you that are most welcome in my therapy office.

Because, of course, just as we tend to our external world (ex: mowing our lawn, changing the oil in our car, tuning an instrument), we must also pay attention to our internal world, which is a vast landscape of stories waiting to be explored. This work takes intentionality, bravery and curiosity. And above all, it was not meant to be done alone. Your “yes” to showing up is your declaration of hope. And where there is hope, there is freedom.

You are in good company, you are not alone, and your story is worth re(storing).


My Approach

My therapeutic approach begins with the belief that the human experience is to know both joy and pain, and every variation of emotion in-between, often all in the same moment. My training is in interpersonal psychodynamic therapy where we’ll pay attention to your narrative. What does that mean in a session?  

Annie Rogers said it best, “That which has been wounded in relationship must, after all, be healed in relationship”. The crux of my work with you lies in the assumption that we were created to bear the image of glory. In order for that glory to emerge it must be witnessed by another. And just as our glory must be held, so too must our wounds. My work is to partner with you in your personal narrative and listen attentively to the circumstances where glory has thrived, as well as where it has been impaired.  

Together we will journey through the terrain that is your life, both historic and current, to explore where you have been left silenced and alone. From those places we will engage a posture of curiosity of how those wounds have impacted your style of relating and the ways you have had to adapt to cope. It is in this vulnerable state where the healing work begins.

We will go deeper than simply behavioral patterns to uncover and recover the meaning that is consciously and unconsciously being evoked in your daily life. It is in this sacred space where the work of discovering your truest self emerges. By exploring the root beneath the felt emotions we can engage deeper, more meaningful transformation.

My Credentials

Registered Psychotherapist, State of Colorado
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, State of Washington
MA in Counseling Psychology, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
BA in Psychology, Colorado Christian University

Who am I? What is my Narrative?

First and foremost, I am a fellow traveler. I have been on a journey myself,  jumping back and forth from the vast blue skies and crisp aspens in the Rockies of Colorado to the deep gray waters and mossy ferns of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle was home for the past eight years consumed by fragrant teas, an abundance of diverse flavors of foods, camping out at coffee shops while reading on rainy days, and frolicking through the thick forests down to the beaches that line the Puget Sound.

Though I got a degree in psychology, my vocational work started by working in business and marketing with professional sports teams right here in our backyard, including the Rockies and Kroenke Sports Enterprise (Nuggets, Avalanche, Mammoth, etc) with my last four years working for the Rapids. Eventually my heart strings called me back to the field of Counseling and my husband and I moved to Seattle where I worked at Seattle Pacific University in the Office of University Ministries. After obtaining my masters degree in counseling psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology I also started working in the Student Counseling Center at SPU.

Throughout seminary studies, some of the deepest learning came through my own journey of reconciliation and seeking life in a season that held a lot of pain. Memories of Seattle also hold work in the field of hospice, working in patient and respite care as well as bereavement for those who lost a loved one.

In a period of four years, my husband and I walked through three cancer diagnoses between the two of us in which we spent years of our lives in hospitals.  We witnessed through our own bodies, as well as others present, that all is not yet well. In that same season I was one of the far-too-many victims of a campus shooting. I witnessed the response to another tragic act of violence from across the street, on the Campus of Seattle Pacific University.  Our staff was tasked to minister to the community and host numerous vigils and services. It was these first years as a counselor I was to sit with individuals and groups within our community that, like myself, had been traumatized.

It is through my life experience I have discovered that my deepest suffering and my deepest healing are intrinsically bound together. My story has time and again been one of finding beauty amidst ashes.

When not sitting in the therapy chair you might find me discussing podcasts with my husband, reading Baby Beluga to our toddler daughter, tending to one of our many “furball” family members who live amongst us, or caring for my numerous plants. As we return to Colorado I find myself exploring everything with fresh eyes and taking in the vast sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Fort Collins.