Specialities Include:

Women’s Issues, Trauma/Abuse, Depression,
Anxiety, Mental Illness,
Grief, Loss, Relationship Issues, Shame, Identity,
Life Changes/Crossroads

Kevala Kenna

professional COUNSELOR

You’re not the only one. Life is harder than we thought it would be, harder than we want it to be. We have days, weeks, even years where we wrestle more than others, often feeling really alone, helpless or hopeless. While our instinct is to do anything we can to get away from the pain, I believe that it is in these wrestling moments that we are given an opportunity for great healing. We have a choice: to deny the hurt and turn our face, or to give the hurt a name and step courageously and deliberately into the mess. God can and will meet us in our pain and He has goodness for us in the midst.

And, the good news is we weren’t meant to do this work alone. Critical to our  wellness is the presence of others who will bear witness to our journey, listen deeply, see us as we really are, and know us with great heart. My work involves mirroring back truth to my clients as they explore hard spaces, holding hope for them when it feels far away, and believing on their behalf that God is here and will not be moved from their best. We are grown and new freedom begins at this intersection of distress and our willingness to enter in. It is risky, yes, sometimes scary, and it is so good.

I am fiercely passionate about God’s redemptive work—in your life and in mine--and am honored beyond belief to come alongside my clients in their time of need.

My Approach

Technically speaking, I gravitate most towards narrative, psychodynamic, existentialist, attachment, family systems, somatic experiencing and person-centered theories. 

Really what I do is story-work. In story-work we look at the whole of your life, who you are, where you’ve been and how you have arrived here today. Together we explore with curiosity and awe the collection of meaningful moments, hours, days, years, memories, events, and experiences you’ve lived. We both celebrate the high points and the triumphs, and also courageously engage the places where we’ve been greatly harmed. We wage a full-on war against the shame and self-contempt that have set up camp in your heart as a result of that harm. Chances are there are things that haven’t been well grieved and losses that haven’t been accounted for that need to be. It is in this space, when we agree to look at the wounding that we've endured, when we decide to enter into the painful reality of all that we've suffered and to grieve the many losses, that we begin to find the life under the death.  When we look with clear eyes at our stories, with a willingness to see both the joy and the heartache we’ve lived, freedom and healing are found.

My Credentials

M.A. Candidate in Licensed Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary
B.S. in Business Marketing from University of Colorado
Owner of RubyTree Life Plans, Certified Professional LifePlan Facilitator
Counseling Certification with The Allender Center, Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
Certified Prepare and Enrich Facilitator, Denver Seminary

Who am I? What is my Narrative?

I believe I’ve always been a counselor—a deep thinker, a dive-down feeler, relational to my core—but it took me a while to make it official.  As a college student I made a detour to business school, thinking at the age of twenty that I was too sensitive to sit in the hurts of others. I graduated instead with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Colorado and dove into a ten year career in public relations, that though I loved, did not feed my soul. During that same season, several devastating events happened in a short period of time that brought me to my knees and wrecked me. So great was my suffering, anger and fear that I no longer felt as if I knew who I was or who God was.  In the chaos of that time, I began investing heavily in my own personal work and slowly felt myself revive. Life had both sobered me and simultaneously breathed fresh air into my lungs, and a grateful part of me has never been the same.

Experiencing God’s redemptive healing process in a deeper way felt like coming home. I was hungry for more, not just for myself, but on behalf of others. I got certified as a LifePlan facilitator and started my own business while waiting to get into graduate school and fell in love with narrative story work. I'm now three years into my master’s degree in licensed clinical mental health at Denver Seminary, and concurrently have been traveling to Seattle to sit under the teaching of Dan Allender to supplement my education.  

Additionally, I’ve been married for 15 years to my husband, and we have three kids together—all of whom are my greatest joy. I'm a Colorado native who doesn't ski, hates the cold and yet will never leave because 90% of the people I love live here and Colorado has 300+ days of sunshine.  When I'm not nerding out on all things related to counseling, sociology, psychology and personality, I'm running, writing, reading, doing karaoke, dancing, playing board games, trying to nail the elusive-to-me cartwheel, soaking up the sun, and mostly—just being with my people.