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Jon Siman, MASP

It's not about my story, but yours.

Your story led you here. Regardless of the circumstances you might share for seeking assistance, I believe your decision to engage is the nudging of a God who desires you to know you are loved and that he can be trusted when our lives seem out of our control.

In my past experience as a school psychologist, I connected often with the outcomes of family living, the ups and the downs children often reflect. More recently in private practice, I have been able to engage marriages and the foundations for building family.

I believe marriage is ordained by God and offers the potential for husbands and wives to experience the real nature of his unconditional love, giving and even undeserved. And yet, beyond this love training opportunity, marriage has the incredible wherewithal to move both partners to that completion and wholeness God intended for each.

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My Credentials

Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado, #NLC.0104596
Licensed School Psychologist in State of Minnesota from 1985-2002
Licensed School Psychologist in State of Illinois from 1974-1985
Bethel Seminary Marriage and Family Therapy Program, 2004-2005
MA in School Psychology from Illinois State University
BA in Mathematics from St. Olaf College


My Approach to Counseling

The union in marriage initially brings together two individuals lured by the prospect of self-fulfillment, to be loved by another. The choice of a mate is very personal and the decision has to make sense to both partners. There is also an aspect of this selection an individual may be less aware of, a longing to satisfy specific emotional needs. From my perspective, wants and needs combine in the hope each other will be made whole in the marriage relationship.

Even with the best of intentions inevitably our hopes and desires can come up short, early or later on. From a psychological and social perspective, relational unrest often evolves from a past context. Each of us has a story or life experience that potentially underlies our life principles, ambitions, and personality development. These expressions or self-directives were formed at a relatively early stage when our lives were heavily influenced by caretakers and our own perceptions accompanied by strong emotional convictions or instincts. Such foundations gave life to the relational habits/self-perceptions we carried into adult interaction, some supporting emotional well-being and others not so much.

My counseling approach focuses on mutual hearing and hopefully understanding of how our individual stories have the potential to support or detract from marriage aspirations. Past hurts/offenses can begin to heal or be resolved when partners recognize their programmed wants or needs. Partners can rejoice with the strengths each of them bring to their marriage and accept personal responsibility when corrective action is necessary.

From a spiritual perspective, marriage is an opportunity to experience what God’s unconditional love is like, being loved as we are, “for better or worse.” Our inherent need for this acceptance fosters the emotional wholeness God desires for us. This wholeness is accessed through an interpersonal relationship with him. Yielding to his direction enables us to grow toward placing another’s needs above our own. In marriage, this act of love gives rise to the “two becoming one,” providing the emotional security both partners need to become what God intended – to be one in Him.