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Specialities Include:

Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Relationships, Sexual Abuse Recovery and Getting Out of Being Stuck

Jason Stoub


There are two primary qualities that significantly impact the effectiveness of leaders. Leaders must become learners, and the basis of all learning is a deep posture of curiosity or wonder.

To wonder is to question, to consider and ask rather than make statements or observations. When you consider your own personal narrative, you will most likely tell it as a statement and not a question, where it sounds like “This is the way it was/is” rather than “What is the way it was?” When we approach our narrative with a posture of learning and wonderment, we find interest, excitement and challenge. 

It would be an incredible privilege to journey with you, and to discover the future uniquely designed for you to live.


I believe we are most effective when we become learners. The basis of all learning is wonderment; wonderment comes from questions, not statements. Wonder and learning aid in challenging the status quo, our own assumptions and “winning strategies”. These ways of engaging are rooted in the past, but inform our present and how we in turn “show up.”

Coaching will help start the process of getting clear on your vision and how your story is involved. My name means “benevolent healer” and my vision is to show up for my clients bringing all of myself to support you in moving towards your own vision in ways that are healing, empowering and life giving.

My Credentials

20+ years Business Owner of several successful companies
Transformational Leadership Trainer & Coach (GapCommunity.com)
15 years sexual abuse recovery small group facilitator
6 years sexual abuse recovery small group facilitator trainer
2+ years sexual abuse recovery small group supervisor