re|story 1.0 Winter 2018!

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It's time to restory your life.
Join us for Northern Colorado's only story-based group!

9 Weekly Group Sessions
Wednesdays, January 10-March 7, 4:30-6:00 p.m.
Limited to 7 Participants 

This group is co-ed, as we recognize the dynamics of gender in the process of healing and
the importance of engaging our stories in the context of the greater community. 

You are a story. You are meant to reveal God. You were meant to co-author your story with God. Your life is meant to be revelatory.
— Dr. Dan Allender

Winter 2018 re|story 1.0 Group

9 Weekly Group Sessions
Wednesdays, January 10 - March 7
4:30-6:00 p.m.

@ Restoration Counseling
155 W. Harvard Street, Suite 401, FoCo

Register Now for Re|Story 1.0 Winter 2018

re|story 1.0 the first step in the group process, where participants find a safe, kind and hope-filled space to explore the dynamics of their lives and name the challenges they have faced.

Limited to 7 participants

Group Sessions are $50/session, with payment due in full upon registration. Total cost: $450

Due to the nature of the group, it is important that group members commit to attend all sessions. While we understand life and family emergencies may interfere, your consistency and presence is important for the continuity of the group and to offer dignity and honor to group members. Please review your calendar prior to registration. Thank you!
Additionally, some insurance companies that offer mental health services may cover some of the cost. Contact your company for more details.

Meet the re|story 1.0 Group Facilitator

Chris Bruno, LPC

Chris is a graduate of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, offering the nation's pre-eminent story-based training. He has also received advanced training to Dr. Dan Allender's Externship program, and served for 3 years alongside Dr. Allender. 

He is the founder of Restoration Counseling and Restoration Project, author of Man Maker Project and Brotherhood Primer. He works with some of the most courageous men and women on earth as they investigate their stories and seek God's re-interpretation of their most core traumas. 

Prior to this, he served for 10 years in international missions. He and his wife of 22 years enjoy their 3 teenagers, and sometimes sneak away to mountain trails, strong coffee or a local microbrew.

Register Now for Re|Story 1.0 Winter 2018

What does participating in a re|story 1.0 group entail?


Group members will be guided to write a specific narrative from their lives - a shaping event or hinge-moment that has come to have meaning and/or power in their lives. This story will first be entered by the facilitator, who will offer individual insight and feedback. Then, group members will each have the opportunity to read and engage their stories in the larger group.



Each week, group members will be offered additional reading and/or videos to prepare for the next session. Group leaders will facilitate a discussion that leads members into further insight and understanding of the dynamics of story and its impacts on our everyday lives and views of God, ourselves and the world.



Many people ask, "I'm already in a Bible study or small group. How is a re|story group different?" These groups very intentionally enter into each individual's story as our primary text. With the help of expertly trained facilitators, we begin to investigate the core war for each participant, name the truth of the story, and begin to re-interpret the narrative from a gospel perspective. We fully recommend participants have a community, and yet very few enter one another's narratives with kindness, curiosity and hope.

Register Now for Re|Story 1.0 Winter 2018