So take seriously the story that God has given you to live. It’s time to read your own life, because your story is the one that could set us all ablaze.
— Dr. Dan Allender, To Be Told


counseling may be the bravest thing you've ever done.

When God thought you up, he had great ideas and good intentions. He imprinted into your life and heart a glory that only you bear...a unique reflection of His image on earth. Only you, the unique you, can reflect him in this specific and awesome way.

And yet, somewhere along the way, circumstances, events, relationships and just plain brokenness have sought to steal, kill and destroy your heart. Everyone on earth suffers in some significant way, and we forget how that the story didn't start there.

As J.R.R. Tolkein says: 
"One tiny Hobbit against all the evil the world could muster. A sane being would have given up, but Samwise burned with a magnificent madness, a glowing obsession to surmount every obstacle, to find Frodo, destroy the Ring, and cleanse Middle Earth of its festering malignancy. He knew he would try again. Fail, perhaps. And try once more. A thousand, thousand times if need be, but he would not give up the quest."

What God wrote into your life is still there. It may be long forgotten. It may have never truly been known from the beginning. And far too often we give up the quest and settle for small stories and anemic lives of secret addictions, depressions, anxieties and the like simply because we don't remember why we are on earth or where we came from?

The truth is, your story may the one to set us all ablaze. Living small serves no one. Get your life back. Step into your darkness and wrestle with your pain, for who knows...there may be more at stake than you can imagine.