Restoration Counseling convenes crucial conversations around topics relevant to those on the front lines of ministry. Our desire is to “raise the tide for all Kingdom ships” by equipping, training and encouraging ministers so they can be effective and resilient in their work.

Recently, people from around the globe have asked Restoration Counseling to expand beyond the face-to-face events in Fort Collins, Colorado to include live-streaming simulcast webinars so they too can participate. See below for our list of upcoming events, location, and webinar sign-up information.

Upcoming Frontlines Fall 2019



November 21, 2019
12-1 p.m. MST

The Myth of Margin:
Creating Sustainable Rhythms of Ministry

We want those in ministry to STAY in ministry. And yet, far too many ministers find themselves exhausted and close to burn out. When your “work” involves you constantly giving of yourself, you need to find ways to create margin and sustainable rhythms to stay in the game.

Having been in ministry, both domestically and abroad, we get it. We get the challenges, the weird hours, the relational bleed. How can we not only survive our work in ministry, but thrive?


Generously Hosted in November At:

Faith Church
3920 S Shields St
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Past Webinar Library

From Boy to Buyer: Why We Hold Out Hope For All

Restoration Counseling is a leader in our local anti-trafficking efforts, partnering with the police department, district attorney, and non-profits. Together with our partners, we seek to bring restoration to men who have been ticketed or arrested for solicitation of sex.

In this conversation, we discuss the push and pull factors at work that transform an innocent boy into a sex buyer, and what we can do to help re-transform into a protector rather than a perpetrator.

Why do we hold out hope that restoration is for everyone?

CBD Oil: A Biblical and Psychological Perspective

This month we are exploring a new(er) product that has flooded the market...CBD Oil. It is everywhere, and entire industries are exploding around this hemp/marijuana related product. We explore the actual impacts of CBD based on research, and discuss the implications from a biblical perspective. In a state like Colorado where marijuana is legal for adults, we must be aware of what CBD is, and have a sense how to respond.