Specialities Include:

Children, Youth, Young Adults,
Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Autism, Cultural Identity,
Life Stage Transitions, Life Design

Session Rates:
$100/50-minute Individual Session
$150/80-minute Family Session

Eric Wilson, LPCC, NCC

finding your voice. hope. courage.

Throughout our lives, we experience moments of hurt by the messages and actions of others. As a result, we tend to live out only selective parts of our self, masking aspects of who we are to be accepted by those around us and to avoid becoming vulnerable to further pain. The ‘survival strategies’ that we develop can hold us back significantly when left unchecked in other contexts. My passion is helping people dive deep into their story, exploring the life they wish to live, and discovering the function behind current actions that stand in the way. Together, we will honor your story by responding to your pain with a sense of curiosity and compassion, so that healing can come and true change can be made.

Ultimately, I believe the subsequent step is letting the love that Jesus offers freely mend our deep wounds, which creates transformation within us and spurs us into a fullness of living. In fact, I believe that a life of faith is marked by allowing Jesus into our vulnerable places – places of betrayal and shame – and humbly accepting his unmerited favor and the warmth of his love time and time again.

I look forward to coming alongside you in your story, working together to find your inner strength, and restoring what has been broken.

My Approach

My work as a therapist is strengths-based and relationally-focused. Many of my clients are familiar with the judgements held by those around them, including their own inner critic. My approach focuses on building upon the many strengths that often go overlooked, as well as building a strong connection so that together we can go after the tough stuff. In my work, I draw from several theoretical orientations including reality therapy, brief/solution-focused therapy, rational-emotive behavioral therapy, and narrative therapy. What that means is that I care about what you want in life, and will work with you to keep you going in the directions of your dreams. I believe that you are the expert on your experience, and that my role is to help you take the time to observe and explore areas that are impacting your experience or life direction. Finally, I have significant hope in your ability to experience real change in your life when we dive deep into your story together.

My Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC), Colorado, #LPCC.0015367
National Certified Counselor (NCC), #819456
2016 Master’s Mental Health Fellow, NBCC Foundation Minority Fellowship Program
Master of Education (M.Ed.) with Counseling and Career Development specialization, 2017, Colorado State University
Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Human Development and Family Studies, 2015, Colorado State University

Who Am I? What's My Narrative?

I like to fill my life with flavor, melodies, and beautiful sights. First of all, I enjoy the art of creating masterpieces with ordinary ingredients. From grilling, to tacos, to Thai curry or Chicken Tikka, I enjoy creating and sharing delicious food with others. I am deeply relational, and I believe that sharing a meal is a great time to connect with people.

One of my favorite activities is to either play piano during a thunderstorm, or to jam out with my brother on any combination of instruments. We both play several instruments, including piano, guitar, percussion, mandolin, ukulele, and a unique instrument called a ‘Jingling Johnny’. Improv music and song creation energizes me in a way that feels transcendent.

Furthermore, I love taking in the beautiful sights that Northern Colorado has to offer -  both through breathtaking hikes as well as through a lens. My photography focuses on capturing the beauty of the ordinary and the overlooked. I believe that there is beauty all around us and within us, we need only to take the time to notice and appreciate it.

Additional fun facts include: I previously kept and bred numerous species of reptiles for 10 years, I enjoy playing basketball, and I grew up near Denver as the youngest of three siblings.