Enneagram for Spiritual Formation


The Enneagram is an ancient tool helpful for personal and spiritual formation. We are pleased to offer a variety of ways in which individuals and groups can engage their story through a better understanding of their type, triad, vice and virtue. Trained in iEnneagram Motions of the Soul, Lisa Russell is available for the following.


Large workshops: $65/pp

The Enneagram ReStory Workshop equips individuals to engage their story to have a deeper understanding of their true self. This workshop provides an introductory overview of the Harmony Triad model of the Enneagram along with personal reflection and group discussion. Participants are advised to take the WEPSS Enneagram Personality Assessment prior to attending and bring their results.

*** SUMMER Workshop: Saturday, June 29th 8:30-12:30 at Council Tree Covenant Church, 4825 SOUTH LEMAY AVENUE , FORT COLLINS, CO 80525

Enneagram Workshop
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Team consultation: $500 for 2, 2-hour sessions/ 10 persons max

Enneagram for teams provides an understanding for each team member to enhance a healthy work/ ministry environment and grow deeper.


triad group: $150/pp for 4, 1.5 hour sessions

Triad groups go deep into each Enneagram Harmony Triad (head, heart, gut) to provide integration and balance. Discernment practices are also incorporated into each group.


Coaching: $85/session

For those who desire to dive into a deep integration of their personal narrative and their Enneagram type, one-on-one coaching provides a safe space to enter into the scenes of the past to shed the false self and enter into a transformed-self.