Because you have passion and vision. Because you work hard, hope hard, and give hard. Because you are on mission. And because you matter too.

As former Cru Staff, we know the excitement and grind staff life can be.

And we believe your work in ministry shouldn’t come
at the expense of your heart.

We are here for you.

Would you join us for a Restorative Care Journey?

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Discounted Cru Counseling Packages


While You’re Here…

You’re developing your ministry skills, maybe reevaluating next steps, but are you attending to your heart? When was the last time you let someone truly journey with you in your shame, your failure, your anger, and your deepest desires?

Meet in-person with one of our team members for FOUR, 50-minute counseling sessions (either individual or marriage). Follow-up once you’re back home with an online follow up session designed to help you with next steps.

Ideal for NSO, XTRACK, IBS, and Team Leader Training.

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Engage Whenever From Wherever…

Ready to dive into your story, but can’t take the time while you’re here this summer? Our Austin-based Spiritual Counselor, Tracy Johnson, offers online counseling sessions and has a limited number of spots for new Cru clients.

Ideal for those without local counseling options available.

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Take 2 Hours…

Feel like you lack the hype your fellow staff seem to have in Moby? Wondering if the life you’re living is the one that wants to live in you?* Frustrated in your marriage? On your team? With your role? Questioning if you’re burned out? Frankly, just tired?

Meet in-person with one of our team members for TWO 50-minute counseling sessions (either individual or marriage) to BEGIN a journey toward ReStorying. Follow up once you’re back home with an online session right in your own home.

Ideal for Cru19 Conference attendees.

*From Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak.

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Looking for something more?

We specialize in destination counseling, both in our Austin, TX office and here in Fort Collins. Over the years, dozens of Cru staff have joined one of our team members for 3-days (15 in-person hours, pre-work, and post-consult online) of intensive story work. Learn more here.

For all remaining 2019 Intensive dates, we are offering $200 off our $2400 rates with certain team members.

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Snag one of Chris’ last openings…

Chris has specialized in Intensives for years, serving Cru staff from all over the world. Always amazed at how much depth, healing, and hope can come from 3 days, this is one of his favorite things to do. Four openings remain at a $600 discounted rate for staff. Grab one today.

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