Specialities Include:

Abuse and Trauma
Restoration Group Facilitation

Cristina Flippen, RN, BSN, SANE-A

Support group leader

I consider it a privilege to sit with women in a restoration group; listening and attending to their stories.  The restoration group is a sacred field where participants travel together and explore personal opinions related to their identity and uncover the souls yearning for more in life: emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. I am humbled to have lead women’s recovery groups for over 14 years. At the end of group I have heard women repeatedly express that they “wished they had committed to the support group process earlier in life”. My personal participation in a support group was one of the most valued and enlightening endeavors of my life. I was grateful that I did not travel that road alone.

The effects of trauma and abuse can cultivate behavior and belief systems that act like a millstone weight. This burden prevents us from living the abundant life each of us was created to experience.  Our unique relational style and viewpoints are yoked to memories of abuse that can shadow tour heart’s true desire. Naming the feelings and emotions tied to these memories will bring growth and greater understanding of our character, personality and humanness. We exchange lies for truth and desolation for fruitfulness.


My Approach

When we talk about your “story”, we are referencing where your childhood innocence was shattered...this is the story you don’t really tell in public. . They’re the ones we usually try to hide and avoid. The scenes we hold onto because they hold deep pockets of shame; the ones that reveal where we’ve been victimized, where we felt betrayed, or where we felt powerless or torn in two by what’s happened to us. A story where we’ve been disappointed, felt neglected, or abandoned. We’re asking you to tell those scenes or events that happened in your childhood. The ones you know that shaped you-where there was a feeling inside you where you knew that this world was no longer a safe place. A place where maybe you made commitments to never be hurt again.

I wonder if you have found a safe place to tell that story and to grieve the damage that was done to your heart? In the restoration group process we look forward to and anticipate healing and growth in our souls to begin. To loosen cords that bind us and experience restored connection in relationships with our communities and with God.

My Credentials

Certification in Training Level 1 of Trauma-Focused Narrative Therapy from The Allender Center at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, International Association of Forensic Nurses
Registered Nurse, BSN, Eastern New Mexico University
ADN, Cerritos Jr. College