Circle of Women: Coming Home to Myself

Learning to Reconnect to Our Sacred Voice
A Support Group for Women

8 Weekly Group Sessions
Wednesdays, September 25 - November 13
5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Limited to 8 participants

be softer with you.
you are a breathing thing.
a memory to someone.
a home to life.
— Nayyirah Waheed
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Join us on the journey to recollect and heal the places where we have come to distrust that our identities are full of wisdom, beauty, power, creativity, and joy. This support group is for women who have been so busy in the various roles we play that we have lost our own voice or our sense of “self” along the way. This group will lead from past to present and work to transform your future in the way you see and hear yourself and others around you. 

How will I know if this group is right for me? 

  • I am doubting my value or worth in relationships

  • I don’t feel connected to my own wisdom, beauty, power, creativity or joy

  • When people ask me how I am, I feel uncertain or too tired to respond

  • I distrust that my voice is valuable 

  • I struggle to love my body

  • In relationships I find that I am reactive to the emotional state of the other more often than not

  • I don’t know how to identify or voice my own desires, wants or needs

  • I find that I am a caretaker in most of my relationships

  • My psychological health and wellness is dependent on my partner, children or friends around me

  • In intimate relationships I feel afraid that other women are a threat

Why this group? 

In this group we will foster a safe space to explore each of our own unique voices and reconnect back to the essence of who we were created to be. In this group, we will support one another in exploring, healing and reclaiming where we have lost vital parts of our identity in the mixed and harmful messages we have internalized throughout our lives and in the present. 

Through telling our stories we will bring our voices to places where we have been misrepresented, misinformed, misunderstood, exploited silenced, and abused. The sacred work of healing is accelerated in group settings as we honorably practice the act of speaking to the parts of our lives that feel broken. It is here where the light begins to get in, and transformation begins to occur.

Ready? Let’s Begin...

Are you one of the brave women who have wondered what healing in community can look like?  

If so, you are invited to join this eight-week group as we engage in the work of offering both our wounds and our desires to one-another; as we bear witness to the restoration of our identity as it is meant to be. 

Come, you who seek restoration...

Our world is filled with messages about who women are and who we ought to be. With all of these external filters, it becomes increasingly hard to listen to our inner voice. As women created in the image of God, our individual silence or hiding impacts the greater collective. 

Through reading, prompts, conversation, prayer and meditation we will journey together. Our intention is to be open to listen- to ourselves, one another, and God.

Lead by therapist, Lindy Pearson, The Circle of Women Group is a sacred space where our individual and collective healing is co-created and witnessed. Many of us bear the wounds of relationships. The power of coming together to heal in relationship is the work of restoring ourselves to our intended state of beauty, goodness and freedom. Our wellness is found in our unity, not in our isolation. 

Come discover what may be restored through connecting with other courageous seekers

We need a home in the psychological sense as much as we need one in the physical: to compensate for a vulnerability. We need a refuge to shore up our states of mind, because so much of the world is opposed to our allegiances. We need our rooms to align us to desirable versions of ourselves and to keep alive the important, evanescent sides of us.
— Alain de Botton
Take your creative dreams.
Place them in the deeper currents,
Where your body meets spirit—
And they will become real.
— Tami Lynn Kent

Circle of Women: Coming Home to Myself

8 Weekly Group Sessions
Wednesdays, September 25-November 13
5:30-7 p.m.

@ Restoration Counseling
155 W. Harvard Street, Suite 401, FoCo

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Circle of Women: Coming Home to Myself

Learning to Reconnect to Our Sacred Voice — A Support Group for Women

Limited to 8 participants

Group Sessions are $60/session, with payment due in full upon registration. Total cost: $480

Due to the nature of the group, it is important that group members commit to attend all sessions. While we understand life and family emergencies may interfere, your consistency and presence is important for the continuity of the group and to offer dignity and honor to group members. Please review your calendar prior to registration. Thank you!

Meet The Circle of Women Facilitator


Lindy Pearson, MA

Lindy has been with  Restoration Counseling for just over a year now,  having moved from Seattle, WA to join the movement of helping people come alive in Fort Collins. Working with women in the feminine identity and creating a culture of inclusion amongst women is one of her deepest passions. 

She graduated with M.A. in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and holds B.A. in psychology. Prior to moving to Colorado, Lindy spent the past 7 ½ years working with groups and individuals at Seattle Pacific University in the Office of University Ministries and the Student Counseling Center. Her love of merging theology and psychology brings a unique perspective as she has engaged and invites others into knowing their deeper identity. In addition to her work in higher education, Lindy has worked in hospice with end of life and bereavement. She welcomes curiosity and questions among the complex issues of being and becoming.

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