Specialties Include:

Men's Issues, Trauma and Abuse
Marriage and Relationships
Sexual Abuse

Chris Bruno, LPC

Professional COUNSELOR

There is nothing more exciting to me than the intersection of transformation and adventure. This is why I founded Restoration Counseling - a place where we daily engage the power of restoration and epic re-storying. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I specialize in men and masculinity, sexual addiction, trauma and abuse. My experience as a men’s therapist and my work with men at Restoration Project provide me a wealth of experience when navigating the landscape of a man’s heart.

As I work with clients, my focus is on discovering and “reading” the narrative of their lives and guiding them toward the transformation that comes through adventurously and honestly engaging our sorrows AND our glories. This, to me, is what I was created for.

**Chris’ time is currently dedicated to Restoration Institute, Staff Development, and Intensives. Please visit our Intensives Page to see availability.

(updated October/2019)


Dr. Dan Allender says...

Chris Bruno is a remarkable man whose gifts and passions exceed my comprehension. Chris is a wise, innovative, persistent, and kind man. He is a brilliant communicator, and insightful therapist. He is also a man who has risked his life for the gospel and consistently puts himself in the dark places of life believing that is where God shows up. I trust him, respect him, and love him. You will find him a man uniquely written by God for this season of chaos, beauty, and madness.

~Dr. Allender is the founder of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, The Allender Center and the author of Wounded Heart, Healing Path, Intimate Allies, and more.

My Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado, LPC #11826
M.A. in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
M.A. in Communication from Northwestern University
B.S. in Speech from Northwestern University


My Approach to Counseling

I want to help you find that part of yourself that has been lost, wounded, forgotten, or trampled. I come alongside you and enter your story with you. I want to help you heal and live out your story as fully as God intended.

Symptom management or behavior modification alone can’t change a person. Bookstores are full of self-help books that offer empty advice. But in counseling, if we don’t engage your story and your heart, you won’t be fully restored. Real change occurs when we attend to our glories and pains, and learn how to write a new narrative.

As Daniel Taylor, author of The Healing Power of Stories says, "Stories tell us who we are, why we are here, and what will become of us."

I believe our stories are shaped by our relationships, our experiences (both good and bad), and our God-given desires. In psychology lingo, this means that I am a narrative, existential and attachment focussed therapist. For my clients, this means that we will carefully listen to your story, identify those places where pain or harm have forced your heart to go underground, and how you learned how to survive. We will grieve those difficult hinge-point moments, and then reimagine new ways of living.

Finally, while I take all the good psychology may offer, I am ultimately committed to the healing truth of Jesus’ love, grace, redemption. I don’t heal anyone. Only He does.


Who Am I? What is My Narrative?

I have been working with people and their stories for close to 20 years. After graduating from Northwestern University in 1995 with both a Bachelor’s in Communication and a Master’s in Speech, my wife and I spent ten years as missionaries in the Middle East.

During this time, I served as the National Director of University Ministries with CRU, leading and facilitating a team of about 100 individuals from 12 different regions of the world. Toward the end of a decade of service, I moved to Seattle to attend The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. During my time in graduate school, I directed my research to the study of the masculine soul.

I also had the distinct privilege of working as part of the seminary’s staff, serving closely with Dr. Dan Allender as a therapist at The Allender Center conferences such as Sabbath, Intimate Mystery Workshop, and the Leadership Crucible. Simultaneous to this, I was ordained as a minister at Seed Community Church.

Throughout the years, I have had the privilege of working with men, women, couples, families and adolescents. Now, I work both locally and internationally, providing counseling, seminars and conferences for those pursuing wholeness, healing and restoration.

I continue to be deeply engaged in partnership with several international missions organizations. As the President of Restoration Project, I often speak at churches, lead discussions, facilitate men’s retreats, write books and materials — for the purpose of calling men to find their restorative place.

I am also the author of Man Maker Project: Boys are Born, Men are Made and Brotherhood Primer.