Why join the ReStory 101 Workshop?

Many people have contacted us to hear more about the upcoming ReStory 101 Workshop. We took a moment to interview facilitators Terry Bohn & Lindy Pearson to hear more about why they believe this work matters:

What brought you to your own engagement of story?

Terry Bohn: Being part of an intentional small group community in a missional church in Charlotte was my most meaningful first step.

Lindy Pearson: Honestly, I think the innate hunger to be known was my first appetite and in moving towards others. In that hunger, I then learned that I come from a story that is particular and unique, and it took hearing others stories to recognize my lens is not the same as those around me. The desire to know others and be known has been the catalyst to give my life work to continuing this journey in myself as well as invite others to this brave work.

What have you learned from prior group experiences? How have you learned this?

Lindy: With every new group, I learn something more about myself. As I open myself to be vulnerable - it opens the vulnerable parts in others to heal those parts in myself.  

What are the benefits of participating in an intentional community to engage in narrative work?

Lindy: First, I came to the permission to explore my story, and then I came to recognize the importance of speaking it aloud and naming it. From there, I recognized that others had eyes, ears, and hearts to see in me places I had not yet been able to sit in. Their unique perspective lead me to understand and be more curious about who I am due to my narrative. I also felt the gift of offering myself to others in their story.

Terry: The opportunity to invite others into exploring my story, hearing from them what has felt important that I may have missed previously.  

Why do this personal kind of work in a group setting? Wouldn’t it be easier to do on my own or with a friend?

Terry: Having a genuine, first-hand experience of people speaking a graceful truth into my story and engaging me and my emotions. So many of us, myself included, have been hurt in our closest relationships. We truly only heal relational traumas in healthy relational settings: counseling, small-groups, spiritual formation, and support groups.

Lindy: Where we risk the most, we gain the most. We were created to bear witness to one another as a redemptive act.

What will I expect from participating in the story workshop?

Lindy: We are meant to bear the glory of our stories. In order to get there, we also must be able to engage where we have been wounded throughout our lives. As a result, we live out our stories in ways that impact our view of ourselves and the way we relate to others. In this workshop, we will create a safe environment where we can be free to name and grieve in a way that moves us toward the freedom of honoring where our stories have scars, but not having to live out of the trauma of those spaces.

What would you say to those individuals who are ready to go deeper?
Terry: Personally, nothing has been more powerful than my own curiosity in life overall. I am most grateful for honoring my desire to explore my life story - in my own counseling, meeting with my pastor, in various small groups, and workshops like this one. Every time I share my story with another person or in a group, I learn something new about myself, my relationships with those around me. I’ve been told, “bravery and courage are not the absence of fear but the willingness to step into the risk of knowing and being known”.

Lindy & Terry: We hope you will join us!