How do I know if THIS group is right for me?

If you are wondering whether the Circle of Women Support Group is the right one for you, consider your reaction to the following:

  • I am doubting my value or worth in relationships

  • I don’t feel connected to my own wisdom, beauty, power, creativity or joy

  • When people ask me how I am, I feel uncertain or too tired to respond

  • I distrust that my voice is valuable 

  • I struggle to love my body

  • In relationships I find that I am reactive to the emotional state of the other more often than not

  • I don’t know how to identify or voice my own desires, wants or needs

  • I find that I am a caretaker in most of my relationships

  • My psychological health and wellness is dependent on my partner, children or friends around me

  • In intimate relationships I feel afraid that other women are a threat

If you resonate with any of these statements, please join us. Find your voice. Come alive.