Specialities Include:

Relationships, Trauma, Sex Addiction, Anxiety, Identity

Working with Men, Women and Couples

Session Rates:
$125/50-minute Individual Session
$185/80-minute Marriage Session

Blake Engelman, LPC


The journey you’re on is an adventure.

It takes courage to make it even this far in the journey of knowing your story better. This adventure called life is filled with excitement, pain, joy, and disappointment. It’s all wrapped up together in a complex, multi-layered tangle. Making sense of it all is tough work to be sure.

However, it’s in this deep work, this engaging of your story that true, lasting change occurs. The journey is worth it. It’s such an honor and privilege to sit with people during this process, and it’s exciting to witness people become curious about the ways in which their story has shaped them. In a warm and safe environment, we’ll explore your past experiences and relationships to better understand the patterns and plots that make up your story. In doing so we’ll learn about who you are and what makes you feel alive, so you can choose how to be in the present.

I am very excited for our work together. Let’s get started.


My Approach

In therapy I want to create a sense of safety for you to explore your story. I work from a relationally-oriented psychodynamic framework with a healthy dose of attachment. What this means is that I believe the things that create challenges in our life are multi-layered and complex. Together we’ll seek to understand your experience and then work to create a new narrative throughout your entire story.

I’ll come alongside you as we acknowledge, honor, and explore your pain. So many of our injuries occur in relationship. It’s in relationship also where we heal. Together we’ll seek to recover and restore your heart. We’ll help you make sense of the ways you’ve been hurt and become aware of the strategies you use to protect yourself. Some of these strategies are helpful, some have reached their shelf-life. Together we’ll explore which is which and help you to choose, so that you can truly live.

My Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado LPC #13480
MA Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary
B.S. in Psychology from Oklahoma State University
Prepare-Enrich Facilitator/Seminar Director

Who am I? What is my Narrative?

After graduating from Oklahoma State University in December of 2005, I took the first job I could find in the corporate world. Over the next two and half years I realized, though this organization was a wonderful opportunity, my soul was yearning for something much more. So, in 2008 I began a counseling program at Dallas Theological Seminary. I can say therapy is what I’m wired for. Sitting in the chair listening deeply to others’ stories is where I thrive.

Over the past 9 years of practicing I’ve worked with families, couples, and individuals. I’ve co-led classes for pre-married couples and helped facilitate discussion in other forms of community. Now I typically work with both men and women individually and also with couples.

When I’m not in the chair I’m spending time with my family, sipping coffee, hiking to alpine lakes, and trying to figure out how to be the best husband and father I can be. This last part is a constant journey.