Let Us Help You Come Alive

Your story and life comprise a sacred landscape,
and we would be honored to join you in the exploration.

We are a team of like-minded Christian therapists and coaches, all coming from different backgrounds and stories, but united together with a deep commitment to help people re-discover who they were meant to be. We are committed to creating a safe environment that invites you to consider, wrestle, play and re-imagine. And, at the end of the day, we are real people too. 

As an interdisciplinary team, we focus on creating a collaborative community because we understand that each of our
professionals makes critical contributions to your health and journey. The relationships we build with you help us quickly
determine when you may benefit from the perspective of another colleague. No matter where you are, we will work
with you to make sure that the right people are helping you at the right time.

Austin/Virtual Team Members


Tracy Johnson
Spiritual Counselor
Chief of Practice Culture

Specializing in Abuse and Trauma, Marriage, Intensives, Ministry

Ellen Oelsen
Spiritual Counselor

Specializing in Marriage, Sexual Abuse and Trauma, Relationships and Parenting

Jason Stoub
Life and Executive Coach

Specializing in Life & Executive Coaching, and Getting Unstuck

Beth Bruno, MA
Chief of Community Engagement

Creating Pathways of Care Between RC and the Community


Christina Vink
Chief of Operations

Making It All Happen With Excellence, Grace, and Poise


Restoration Counseling Austin
13001 West Highway 71, Ste. 206
Austin, Texas 78738
(970) 672-7974